Photonics and photonic communication research group

Photonics and photonic communication research group deals with components, systems and subsystems used in the field of optical communications and terahertz photonics. The main research focus of the group is related to the design of active photonic components and photonic integrated circuits comprising semiconductor lasers and optical amplifiers based on quantum confined nanostructures.

The overview of the scientific activity conducted under the direction of Prof. Dr Dejan Gvozdić, in time period from 2003 to 2013, is given in Photinics and photonic communications group presentation [flash swf, 3.5 MB].

The group for Photonics and photonic communications has established successfull cooperations with other reserach groups, both at the School of Electrical Engineering and abroad, which have been, so far, realized through several scientific projects:

Final and graduate year students, interested in the research work in the scope of the group, may contact Prof. Dr Dejan Gvozdić and Prof. Dr Jasna Crnjanski for further information.

Last update: September 2013